Sam Barsky

Sweater Installation

In 2018, I was commissioned to install a gallery exhibition for American artist Sam Barsky

Sam Barsky is a knitting enthusiast from New York. He rose to internet fame in 2017 when an Imgur album was produced displaying his sweaters. 

Sam knits sweaters based on landmarks and Jewish holidays. He freehands the sweaters and has over 100 finished products and counting.

In August of 2018, the Boulder Public Library organized the largest gallery display of his works that he had exhibited so far. 

I was tapped by the Boulder Public Library to produce a display system and to assist in the organization of the gallery in August of 2018.

Sam brought almost 40 of his sweaters with varying sleeve lengths, ranging from vests to full sweaters. This posed a challenge in designing a methodology for hanging the sweaters while accommodating variations among length. 

I had to accommodate to the gallery's existing system of hanging traditional canvas art. This consisted of vertical wires with adjustable metal hooks. 

The final design utilized 1.25" wooden dowels cut to length and a metal wire secured by steel crimps. The sweaters could be hung on the existing gallery system and moved as needed. 

This was an incredible experience and my first time experiencing gallery design. In the future I hope to have the opportunity to do more woodworking and gallery installations.