Hi, I'm Elena! 🤠

I'm a digital product designer living in Brooklyn, but I'm originally from Denver. I've spent the last two years backpacking and freelancing throughout Europe and Southeast Asia. I met hundreds of some of the most brilliant and talented people in the world and I'm eager to synthesize my experiences into being the best and most holistic designer I can be.

My career has spanned a lot of different fields, from my education in architecture to my time as a freelancer in graphics and branding and now finally to designing digital products.

In my free time you might find me trying out new recipes in my very, very cramped kitchen, trying to be pretend I know more than I actually do about craft beer, playing board games, and hunting through thrift stores for the finest ceramic goods.

I'm also very much into drawing in my sketchbook✏️, making very specific and very badass playlists🎶 on Spotify, and writing angsty and rambling thoughts💭 on Medium.